Electric vehicle facts


1. Electric vehicles are the future and are only rising in value as the years go on.


2. Electric vehicles will be the only new vehicles sold by 2035


3. Maintenence and repairs are much cheaper on

electric vehicles.


4. Electric vehicles are looking to receive priority lanes across the UK, so while you help save the world you can also travel much faster.


5. Around £1 worth of charging would get you the same amount of distance as a gallon of petrol.


6. Electric cars are very quiet and sleek so most manufactures have to add in an engine sound so people can hear the car coming.


7. You can charge your electric vehicle over night  so you always have full battery. This saves time and money on getting petrol or diesel.


8. A high end electric vehicle can travel up to 330 miles without needing a recharge.


9.The average electric vehicle can travel 150-220 miles without needing a recharge depending on where you buy it from.


10. 80% of the energy in an electric vehicle battery is
transferred directly to powering the car, whereas in
a fossil fuel powered vehicle only 14%-17% of the energy goes directly toward powering the car.